How to work a FRONT-FLIP into any Sport?!

Front flips in Sports are a Breeze.... Said no one Ever!

Now many of you are probably thinking, sports are meant to be played with either your hands, feet, or body to score a Goal, Point, Touchdown, or whatever the counting system maybe. Typical sports include running, diving, sliding, tackling, jumping, and possibly tumbling. Well, there are those few times in history when a Player takes a Literal “Leap of Faith” and accomplishes a move that many cannot, or will not even attempt.


We've shown everyone some Top Highlights from 2014 and some hilarious outtakes and bloopers from sports around the world, along with the 10 Highest Paid Athletes in the world as well, who might we add, did not complete any of the following stunts (could be because they are paid to much to hurt themselves when not completing the stunt, who knows?), but have yet to show you some great clips from around the web that have some Front flips integrated into the plays. Some of these clips are from professional players, and others are simply highschool or private league players from around the world. The real question is, how do you even work a front-flip into a sports play like many of these have? We would argue is more perfect timing, prior practice and flawless execution in order to stick it in the end. Performing a front-flip or back-flip in your celebration is one thing, doing it during Live play is another thing. Have a look for yourself below!

1. Randy Gordon, #14 of the Hackensack Comets Varsity Soccer team pulls of this Front-Flip throw-in that leads to a GOAL!


2. Jerome Simpson of the Bengals completes this Stunning Front-flip to seal the Touchdown!


3. Rani Yahya with 2 Front Flips while in a UFC match!


4. UFC Front Flip Failed Attempt. Flips don't always go as Planned!

5. Lars Bak's Front-Flip Crash on Le Tour de France in 2014. Ouch!

6. Circling 3rd Base and making a run for Home-base, this Player makes it HAPPEN!


7. 14yr-Old Norweigan Handball Player Front-flips while Scoring!


8. This High-school Dodge Ball Play is INSANE and was Perfectly Executed!


Jeff Patrick
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