Women’s UFC Figther Ronda Rousey Breaks TV Show Host Ribs

Ronda Breaks Reporters Ribs

Ronda Rousey recently won a UFC Fight within 14 Secs… That's very Fast for any fighter. Aaron Tru was interviewing Ronda when he made the statement as follows: “I've got to be honest, I dont think you have as much strength and compete with a man, even though I'm a white-belt”, prompting Rousey to say, “You know how to push my buttons”. Boy this reporter said the Wrong thing to the Wrong Person. Lets see how this Interview turned out:

As you can see, UFC Champion Ronda Rousey lays an absolute stunner on reporter Aaron Tru after he neglected to show Ronda the proper respect during this TV interview. This resulted in 4 busted ribs later to be confirmed by Aaron.

* Note to Self: Don't Challenge a World Champion MMA/UFC Women's Fighter – She'll Kick Your Ass! *

The Judo throw she used is O Goshi, but Ronda puts extra emphasis on the impact by landing on her opponent, Thus causing severe damage, usually resulting in a Tap-Out or K.O. – In this instance, this Reporter got his money's worth. Rock-on Ronda, Your Still the Champ!

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