Vice President of US, Joe Biden, Weight-lifting at the White House

Joe Biden and michelle obama proting fitness and weightlifting

Joe Biden Recently posted a Vine video of him Curling some rather large dumbbells in the White house on March 13th in an effort to spread the word about Michelle Obama's Let's Move initiative. Looks like Biden, who is wearing a Tie and Button up shirt and sitting at a desk, is lifting a 30-lb dumbbell about 4 times before saying “1 do a Million of these a day, so just give me 5″.

The first Lady, Michelle Obama, tweeted the VP to give them his best reps and pass it along in the following tweet:

Biden obliged and shot the short 6-second film and posted it to his vine account and calling all world leaders to follow suit. Its great to see these 2 showing some love for the fitness and bodybuilding community by participating in such a great cause.

Wonder what Biden's Max is? 30lb, 40lb, 50lb? Your guess is as good as ours! Its good to see him out there making an effort to stay fit, although we doubt he does anywhere close to 1 million reps a day.

Jeff Patrick
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