Top Sports Clips (Gifs) of 2014

Some of our Favorite sports clips from 2014

Recapping all of 2014, we've come up with some of the Top sports clips that you may or may not have seen this year.  From high flying Baseball catches to intricate footwork on the soccer field, we bring our top picks of 2014. Let us know which is your favorite in the comments!

YourSports 1 Favorite Sports Clips of 2014

1. Odell Beckham jr, rookie Wide Receiver for the New York Giants, made History with this One-Handed Catch!

2. 49ers linebacker Chris Borland breaking the barrier between Football and Futbol with this nifty trick

Chris Borland with the Ball flick

3. Quentin Robinot For-the-Win with the Smooth Behind the Back

This is how you win at Ping Pong

4. Arsenal showing off some collective Teamwork with this Goal

5. Manti Te'os Fake Handoff for the Touchdown

Clever Guy this Manti

6. Ben Tameifuna puts Soloman Sakalia in his Place – Rugby Enter if you Dare

7. Dez Bryant's ridiculous 1-Handed Touchdown Catch

8.  Daniel Norris saves his own face from a SPEEDY Ball that he just Threw!

9. This assist isn't what you think it is…

10. Team USA Soccer player Clint Dempsey shows off his fancy footwork against Turkey

11. Vincent Praplan from Kloten Flyers scores this STUNNING Solo hockey Goal #UnBelievable

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