Russians Playground – Extreme Jungle Gym and Bar Jumping

Extreme Monkey Bars Featured

We often think of our childhood when thinking about a Jungle Gym or Monkey Bars. Swinging back and forth, occassionally jumping off of the top of the Jungle Gym or Bars to land on the composite or Bark dust ground. It was all fun and games back in the days.

These guys however, have taken Monkey Bar/Jungle Gym's to another level. A Level where Jumping, Swinging from Bar-to-Bar, Flipping and Transitioning is the norm. The video below is borderline Crazy and we suggest you watch it in order to get a sense of what we're really talking about. Kids, Dont try this at home. As much as it looks fun and exciting, missing the bar can result in painful injuries and much worse things that we dont want to bring up here.

Extreme Monkey Bar and Jungle Gym



We don't recommend you do any of the stunts you see in the video above. Many of the People you See performing the Stunts in the Video above are “Professional Russians”. They live on the edge throughout their lives and serve the purpose of entertaining their fellow countrymen – and lets be honest, the Rest of the world too.

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