Reporter Interviews Famous Football Player – Realizes its Him after interview is Over!

Adrian Peterson is one chill guy, considering his long history and run ins. This decorated NFL'er was interviewed about Road Rage as he stepped out of his vehicle and goes onto discuss how road rage is something to not be taken lightly, as you can see from the video. Getting out of his car, which was a black suburban, which can be credited to his long good standing credit history (if you need help, go here) and scores , he proceeds to start the interview with the man.

He goes onto discuss the latest news issues surrounding the death of an 8 yr old girl and ends up giving some rather well accepted advice to his wife to avoid aggressive drivers altogether on the road at all costs.

During this whole interview, the host who is conducting the interview hasn't the slightest clue that this is Adrian Peterson (of the Minnesota Vikings). At the end of the interview, he calmly thanks him for his time and asks him for his name, and then realizes who he is.

The video shows his reaction and embarrassment as he learns about the status of this person in the NFL and city. It goes to show you how well Mr. Peterson took the interview and it almost seems that he enjoyed being a normal person and not a simple figure of the Public and ambushed by paparazzi.

Peterson has been credited lately with assisting someone when their car broke down, even going as far as pushing the vehicle off the road. Sometimes those with great public power assist those who are looking for help – even those with not so good credit.

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