How NOT to Slide in 3rd Base by Ian Kinsler

Ian Kinsler demonstrates how to not slide into 3rd base

Baseball is the all-american sport. Its was we call a Past-time. Many of you grew up watching baseball with your father, throwing the ball in your backyard with your dad or on the field with your friends. Many of you played in the little leagues and have great memories of growing up and learning this Great All-American Sport, known as baseball. Unfortunately, many of you didn't go past High-school or College baseball, let alone make it to the big timers. In some cases, that may have been a good thing as sometimes, its best to just quit while your ahead. One example of this can be seen here by our good friend Ian Kinsler of the Texas Rangers. Sometimes its better to just slow it down a bit before hitting the brakes. We wonder if he's every heard of the term, “Your coming in too Hot”?

      1. Kinsler Running into 3rd Base for the slider…………… OPS!
      2. A better view of How fast he was Running
      3. Slow-Motion Face shot! You gotta love his Reaction
      4. His Coach approving of his Slide… Good Job son!
      5. Dont worry, He didn't forget to touch the base and stay put (or shall we say stay Foot)



All in a days work people. This is how Mr. Kinsler represents and teaches everyone how to Run into 3rd Base like a PRO. Follow his lead and you'll be sure to come to a complete stop…. (Right after 3rd base). Dont forget to keet your hand/foot planted on that base!


Jeff Patrick
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