How to Beat a Ferrari on a Bicycle

Jet propelled bicycle goes 206 MPH in record setting run

If you've ever watched Tour de France or competed in any cycling events/Marathons, you'd soon realize that Cycling is one of the world's most physically strenuous and enduring sports. Races or circuits can take upwards to 6 hours to finish and cover distances of 150 miles or more in a single day. Pro cyclists are continually fine tuning their bodies to stay in the top shape of their lives in order to push themselves longer and Faster than the rest of the pack.

Sometimes though, with a little ingenuity and courage, you can stay ahead of the pack and more so, ahead of vehicles as well.

Welcome Francois Gissy, from the South of France, who on November 7th 2014, went 207 MPH in 4.8 seconds on his Bicycle. Not only did he hit 207 MPH on his bicycle in under 250 meters, he also broke his previous record of 163 MPH on a similar bike. You may be thinking, he was probably going downhill being pulled by a car. NOPE! The bicycle he was riding was Jet Propelled. According to Gizmag, Gissy said “I'm lucky my head is still bolted on the body” and how it was a “true challenge” to ride this bike with the lack of Aerodynamic features that it did not have.

Gissy's bicycle required no pedaling or anything that a conventional bicycle had, other than 2 wheels and a seat. He was laying on his stomach in a Superman position with his legs hanging off the back trying to balance himself as the jet powered bicycle propelled them at an acceleration of 3 G's to 207 MPH (333kph).

taking off on a jet propelled bicycle


After a couple solo run's, Gissy lined up next to Ferrari F430 Scuderia that was upgraded to 600hp by Colombo Challenge to see how he fared against this Italian Supercar. Check out the video below at around the 0:22 second mark to get a feel of how fast this little Bicycle really is.


The rest is history when Fracois Gissy gets on this bicycle; even though it may not be the most conventional bicycle you may be thinking of, the fact that this has 2 wheels and has so little items on it makes this feat even more impressive. According to Gissy in the interview with Gizmag, the Bicycle is equipped with “3 small Thrusters instead of 2 that the bike previously had when initially hitting 163 MPH a while back. The bike has no rear suspension, fairings or even disc brakes, making this little bicycle (or machine, whatever you want to call it) a death trap on 2-wheels. On top of having no safety features at all, Gissy is sitting, or lying down on the fuel tank that contains HIGHLY combustible hydrogen peroxide in order to attain some aerodynamics with his body.

Whats Next? Gissy states in the prior interview that if they can land some reputable sponsors, they'll attempt to breach the 400 km/h (249 MPH) barrier in under a few seconds. They plan on calling this new and improved bicycle the “Spine Crusher”. We hope the bicycle NEVER lives up to the Name.

how to beat a ferrari in a street race with your bicycle


This jet Propelled bicycle wins this race at 207 MPH


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