Top 10 Different Beard Styles of CROSSFITTERS – Short, Long, Full and COOL!

Beards and Cross-fit go together like plates and bars. It's rumored that the strength of your lift is going to be directly proportional to the manliness of your beard. Of course, there aren't any dorky, beard-less, low-testosterone scientists who would ever be brave enough to undertake this study, so we're stuck relying on real-world experience.

Turn on the Crossfit games to see examples of which beards are lifting the heaviest weight in any given event, and use that to formulate your own unique style. Here's a look at some of the standard Crossfit beards for your consideration, courtesy of BeardBro which has put together this great article ( of the top beard styles of 2017!

1. The Bandholz

Popularized by Eric Bandholz, this style of beard screams strength. No body weight nonsense for these guys, it's nothing but iron.

Oval, diamond, or triangle shapes face – the Bandholz style beard will suit you perfectly. Just make sure you've got the lifts to match.

2. Bold And Thick

This is a pretty standard Hollywood look these days. Overall, it's kind of weak, let's be real, but it still gets the job done. It suits just about any shape of face, so it's versatile – but not a specialist.

If you can't grow a full on bushy beard, this is not a bad option for now, but get out there and lift and iron and get that T flowing so you can quickly climb past this somewhat embarrassing beard.

3. Faded Beard

This beard is based on the sideburns that fade into your beard, so that you don't end up with hairs shooting out of the side and a rounder looking face. It's really only suitable for square and oval shaped faces, but if you can rock it, it's a great style to consider. If you've got a rounded face already, though, it can also help to create the illusion that you don't.

4. Lines For Days

Hey pretty boy, are you a high-maintenance dude who would rather spend time combing your hair and maintaining it than lifting weights and chasing tail? If so, this is the perfect style for you. It suits just about any shape of face as you can see from the above image, but it also suits nobody at the same time. It's a true paradox.

5. Old Dutch

Unless you're a farmer or a lumberjack, stay away from this neckbeard.

6. Razor's Edge

It's kind of like the fade, except you let the beard do its thing, so the sideburns are shorter but once you get into beard land all bets are off.

7. Short and Tapered

It's all about short hair and defined lines, which is kind of a moot point when you're trying to grow out a beard. If you need to know how to grow a beard, keep looking. If you can't grow a beard, this isn't a bad option.

8. Short Beard w/ Mustache

Once again, the only people who should grow short beards are the ones who can't grow long beards.

9. Thin Beard

Even the name should tell you this is a bad idea. How the hell are you going to move serious iron around when people can still see your face? Bodybuilders shave, Crossfitters grow.

10. Uniform Beard

Nice and simple, same uniform length all throughout, it's good for square, oval and round faces, and there's really not much else to say about it. A mighty, powerful beard starts with a strong foundation of a solid uniform beard.

Great little video on Different types of Beard Styles:

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