Cristiano Ronaldo Dribbling, Juggling Disguised as Homeless Man

Cristiano Ronaldo Homeless Disguised plays soccer on street

Cristiano Ronaldo Homeless Disguised plays soccer on street

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the Top Paid Athletes in the World right now – he currently pulls in around $80 Million a Year and climbing, so the real question is what is he doing disguised as a homeless man in this Video? From the looks of it, he's filming some sort of commercial or promotion, but the he sure did pull it off well. Most people in the crowd, including the young boy he was passing the ball back and forth with didn't suspect that he was anyone special, especially the of the highest rated football (soccer) players in the world.

As you can see from the video, they juggle the ball back and forth for a while, as they he tries some of his fancier moves against him, which at one point the young boy actually defends the ball rather well as Ronaldo tries to get past him – could this be sign of a new defender in the making or a Soccer Prodigy – Who knows? Watch the Video for yourselves!

After all the Fun is done, he picks up the ball and has the child hold his dog while he signs the soccer ball and takes off his disguise. Everyone in his midst is also as surprised as the child is and start to mob him. From the looks of it though, he has bodyguards or security in order to escort him way rather quickly. All in good fun, as Ronaldo proves to everyone that he's not as serious as he makes himself out to be.

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