Boats that Hold the Water Speed Records for Being the Fastest Boats in the World

You don’t need to get on an aircraft or a car just to achieve great speeds. If you love speeding on top of the great waters then these boats will definitely leave you in awe!

Here's the Fastest Boats in the World that Hold the Water Speed Records:

  1. Soviet K-222 51.4 MPH

They are commonly known as “Papa-class” subs for a good reason. Here’s what Snuze: The New Slobalt can say about this submarine:

“She’s been an exceptional ship, one that is one-of-a-kind in her class. It had a hull made of titanium and twin VM-5m 177 megawatt of pressurized water reactors that were giving power to two 80,000 horsepower of steam turbines.

The combination meant that it had low mass but very high horsepower capable of carrying up to 82 sailors, 10 SS-N-7 anti-ship missiles (Starbright), and 12 533mm torpedoes. It can reach the top speeds of 51.4mph (44.7 knots).


  1. HCMS Bras D’Or 400 – 72MPH

It’s dubbed as the fastest warship of its time. This boat is an experimental one, a Canadian hydrofoil that claims to be the fastest warship ever built. The ideas behind it are taken from Alexander Graham Bell.

The boat had two Pratt and Whitney turbine engines which gave it extraordinary speed and power! Sadly in 1971, the experiment was halted then eventually cancelled. The only ship that was made is now on display at the Musée Maritime Du Québec.


  1. VestasSailrocket 2 – 75 Mph

It is known as the fastest sail boat and tops at 75mph. It may sound like it’s not that speedy but for a boat that doesn’t have an engine and is launched by being dropped out of a plane, it definitely is impressive!

The Sailrocket 2 then succeeded and it did what it’s been built for. Yes! It obliterated the previous sailing speed record!


  1. The World Is Not Enough – 80 MPH

Yachts are not just for luxury. If you get on this one, you will realize that they’re also built for speed.

Just imaging racing up to 70 knots with the Bentley Mulsanne Speed of the Maritime world. Now that would definitely be an awesome experience!


  1. Cigarette AMG Electric Drive Concept – 100 MPH

It’s the fastest electric boat ever built and is designed by Mercedes-AMG in collaboration with Cigarette Racing. It basically celebrates milestone cars and the result? A cool matchup that gave birth to the fastest boat that is powered by an electric motor.

It takes inspiration from the SLS Electric drive concept and uses 12 electric motors that together produce up to 2,220 horsepower. It’s green color and electric emission-free engine is definitely a great eye catcher for environmentalists.


  1. Brad Rowland’s South Bay 925CR – 114 MPH

It is known as the fastest Pontoon Boat. This ridiculous and amazingly fast sea craft tops the speed of 114 MPH.

I just can’t imagine the feeling of being inside this boat as it reaches the top speed. It will surely be an exciting experience and one that is totally insane!


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  1. Spirit of Qatar – 244 MPH

The previous one may sound like the fastest but when you reach this point in the list; it starts to become even more insane! Just imagine a top speed of 212 knots? That is definitely an unfathomable speed for a craft that travels on water!

That’s why it’s dubbed as “The Fastest Catamaran”!

It is powered by a twin Lycoming Turbine that together produces up to 9,000 horsepower giving this boat a ridiculous top speed!


  1. Problem Child – 262 MPH

A Top Fuel Hydroplane that races on water and belongs to the Top Fuel dragsters bad-ass category.

Yes! It reaches top speeds of 228 knots and it looks like it’s almost floating when on full power!

Eddie Knox’s Problem Child is definitely the fastest and just like a dragster, it is powered by a Hemi V8 8,000 horsepower engine!


  1. Bluebird K7 – 279 MPH

This hydroplane is the first among its kind and has set and reset water speed record seven times between the years 1955-1964.

It reached the speed of 275 MPH in its last run but sadly in 1967, its pilot Donald Campbell was killed as they attempted to hit the 300 MPH mark using the K7.

But his legacy endures as being the only man who achieved both water and land speed records at the same time.

  1. Spirit of Australia – 317.6 MPH – WINNER!

It is known as the fastest speedboat and the only one that reached over the 300 MPH mark. Yes! It was able to achieve 317.6 MPH, an astonishing figure by itself but knowing that it is built by a dude from in his backyard makes it even more awesome!

The Spirit of Australia may have had humble beginnings but it didn’t stop the craft from reaching the top.

Ken Warby designed and built the boat himself and it holds the fastest water speed record to this day.

These Are the Fastest Boats in the World that Hold some Water Speed Records, We'll update this Post as new ones break the record or get somewhere in between!

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