Athletes Who Are Enjoying the Most Sex: Players in These Sports Get the Most Action


Some people think that the Olympic village is a sex paradise and they rightly think so. Even I myself have been thinking like that. Just imagine putting the most athletic humans in the world into dorms and what’s going to happen?

A lot of sex of course! Being exhausted after all the practice and events call for a pleasurable way of relaxation. All the muscles and fit bodies that I see during the Olympic season would definitely look hotter when they get wet for sexier reasons.

PlugJoy, one of the popular brands in the luxury sex toy niche agrees with the thinking that a lot of sex is happening in the Olympics and in order to find out what happens behind those closed doors, over 800 athletes from around the world were surveyed including James Tindall – Team Great Britain’s double Olympian in field hockey for the years 2008 and 2012.

According to Tindall, there’s a lot more to the Olympic action than what’s seen in TV screens, the kind of activities which the spectating public isn’t aware of.

Tindall added that those who are first to compete have more time to enjoy the Olympic village and all the other things that happens therein. “There would be certain ‘strides of pride’ coming down through the second week. There isn’t a world leader in a particular game country-wise but if you’re a big name in sports then getting more attention would be easier, especially if you’re the fastest man in the world.”

You would think that having Sex during the olympics is a big NO-NO, especially with all the studies that come out from Government Agencies that say Sexual Activity can reduce athletic performance, Olympians really don't seem to care.

So aside from the fastest man in the world (which is Usain Bolt at this time), let’s see which athletes tend to have more or even the most sex? Plugjoy’s survey revealed that athletes in the following sports are enjoying the most number of average partnered sessions every month.

Gymnasts Averages 14 Partnered Sessions in a Month- Now this shouldn’t come as a surprise. From the fitting suits that they wear and the flexible, fit and sexy bodies that they have, who would ever refuse sleeping with a gymnast?


Soccer & Field Hockey Averages 12 Partnered Sessions in a Month- I would say that this is mainly because of their stamina. They spend plenty of hours running and it is no wonder if they also last for hours doing some intimate action!


Golf & Boxing Averages 11 Partnered Sessions in a Month- The hot and really fit bodies of boxers are very enticing and seducing but golf? Can anyone please explain but anyway, good for them!


Rugby & Volleyball Averages 10 Partnered Sessions in a Month- I was thinking these athletes would top the list. Both have stamina and almost everyone looks attractive in terms of bodily features. But survey is survey so who am I to judge?


Swimming Averages 9 Partnered Sessions in a Month- Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps both look hot nut come on, swimming is hard and maybe they’re just exhausted most of the time that’s why they were not able to elevate swimming to a higher sexy status.



Sexual Activity and the Issues with Athletic Performance it Leads too –

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