‘All Natural’ African bodybuilder defies odds and goes from Kid to Beast


As many of you know, going to the gym is a tough thing to do, especially on a daily basis – whether your tying to stay fit or are a professional sports athlete supplementing your daily routine. Trying to get your diet on-point and your meals perfectly balanced is another thing altogether, so you can imagine how this would look like in another country – let alone in a 3rd world country!

Enter Samuel Kulbila

This All Natural bodybuilder from Ghana, Africa is proving everyone wrong in terms of attaining the ultimate physique through natural means. Many have accused him to using SARMS or Peptides (another type of Steroid-like PED), but he's denied any use and claims to be ALL Natural – if you want to read up on why bodybuilders use Steroids and Sarms, here's a good resource.

His Instagram account boasts almost 90,000 followers and is growing exponentially as he's been getting quite a bit of press lately. His Gym, Meals and Physique are shown below and on the following 2 pages. Have a look and see what you think.

This isn't some ordinary bodybuilder. Samuel shows and proves to us that hard-work, discipline and good/clean eating will go a long way when it comes to achieving the body of your dreams.

As you can see below, he has ZERO Excuses – Samuel puts in the hard-work in the place they call a “GYM” with determination like a lion. On top of that all, many haters and people who are jealous of his physique constantly call him out on his social media pages claiming he's not “All-Natural”, but as you will see on the second and third page of this article, his physique is to be reckoned with!

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Clean eating you say? Check out this guys meal. They're cleaner than anything i've eaten in the last year!!!

Here's some images of how he looked before he started getting really serious about lifting!

Now for how He looks present day…

See Next Page to See his “Steroid” Free Physique!

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