Adidas Cancel Sponsorship if Player involved with Scientology


Scientology is believed to be one of the most controversial “Religions” in the World, and also one of the most publicly talked about religions as well, largely due to all the Celebrities that are constantly being linked up with it. John Travolta and Tom Cruise are probably the most well known celebrities to push Scientology down everyone's throats, even pushing their loved ones away from them altogether.


Scientology is considered a religion the USA, but not so throughout the rest of the World, in particularly France, Chile and Germany. Scientology is considered a Cult (or Sect) in France and Chile and the German Government doesn't acknowledge Scientology as a Religion, but rather as “Sekte”, or Cult/Sect.

Furthermore, since Germany isn't keen on accepting Scientology as a religion, fellow companies based out of Germany, notably ADIDAS, have taken precautions to not be associated with Scientology whatsoever, according to a recent Der Spiegel article that highlighted a contract between a German football (Soccer) player and Adidas. Adidas mentioned in their contract that a Player had to have Nothing to do with any Organization or Associations which Represent the teachings of Ron L. Hubbard, who if you don't know, is the founder of the Church of Scientology.

Bayern-Munich-Adidas Scientology

Since 1970, Scientology has been present in Germany, in which it has been surrounded by skepticism from the German Press, Public and Government. Most notably, the German government doesn't recognize Scientology as a Religion, saying that its an “Abusive Business business masquerading as a Religion”. Could Germany be onto something? Will larger nations follow what the Germans and Adidas are standing up for?

Adidas isn't only worried about Scientology – according to the Contract, “A player shouldn’t be connected to any organization monitored (knowingly) by an intelligence agency, and any drug use or something of the sort is also going to lead to the cancellation of the sponsorship deal.” These terms aren't outrageous, but could other major sponsors take notes from these types of contracts and start to hammer down on players/teams who participate or are apart of such behavior?

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