8 Professional Athletes Who Do Crossfit

Crossfit is sweeping the nation one state at a time, and some rather prominent people are joining in on the fun of America's most discussed exercise.

Whether you've done crossfit or not, one thing is for sure, its not easy.

The workout's are physically strenuous, with little time for breaks in between sets and are made to make you sweat and earn every gain you make.

Some Professional athletes are jumping on the bandwagon as well with this whole craze in order to stay fit and above the curve and competition.

Not only do these pro athletes train hard, but they stay hydrated and use the proper supplements in order to maintain the highest level of fitness and stamina.

UFC and MMA fighters are the only people training in Crossfit and high-intensity workouts, on top of using supplements deals from Onnit.com and Bodybuilding.com Supplements to give them an edge over their competition (you can't just eat BBQ all day, unless your George Foreman ).

NFL Players, NBA players and Soccer players have also jumped on the bandwagon in order to get the most out of their workouts to get that little edge they've been looking for in order to win the big games!

1. Greg Jennings


Jennings was known at the “Crossfit Receiver” do you his intense workout sessions to led to his Improved speed, agility and overall levels of fitness.

He stayed the top of his game and still believes that crossfit helped him maintain his high levels of fitness throughout his career.

2. Christie Rampone


Rampone was the Captian of the USA's Women's National Soccer Team and also was an active Crossfitter.

She exercised daily using Crossfit methods on top of Kettlebell routines and Running to stay in top shape in order to Win tournaments and big matches for the USA.

3. Robert Oberst


Oberst is a World's Strongest man competitor and enjoys incorporating Crossfit into his Daily workout regime in order to stay well Rounded and continually fine tune his skills.

He also has taken the stance that exercising is just that – regardless of what type of exercise you do, make sure you exercise to stay fit and healthy.

4. Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley went on a extreme Fitness binge in order to loss some massive weight and ended up doing crossfit in order to cut weight.

He ended up losing over 40lbs by doing crossfit and was very happy with the results.

5. Jason Terry

Terry competed in a Crossfit event at the All-star weekend challenge and even said that he wanted to implement it into his daily regime.

He has since integrated into his workout routine in the Offseason and from the video above, you can see his into it big time!

6. Marco Belinelli

Workout day 6…

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Belinelli uses Crossfit training to enhance his off season physique and give him and edge over the rest of his teammates.

Here he is in a picture above showing how to tow a vehicle in a parking lot by pulling it with a Rope.

Crossfit isn't for the weak at heart, there are some rather intense workouts that can really do a number on your body parts if your not using the proper form.

Jeff Patrick
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