54 yr-old Mark Jordan Just Broke The World Record for Pull-Ups

world record pullups in one day
Mark Jordan 4321 Pullups in 24 hrs
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4,321 Pull-Ups in 24 Hours at 54 Yrs-Old.

In November of 2014,  Mark Jordan completed 4,321 pull-ups during a fundraiser for the Hammons Education Leadership programs, which ended up breaking the World Record for most Pull-Ups in 24 hrs.

Altough this feat was accomplished in November of 2014, Mark received his recognition from the Guiness Book of World Records on Wednesday, March 11th 2015. Jordan received his official world record certificate at the Corpus Christi Crossfit gym on Saratoga Boulevard.

Mark Jordan 4321 Pullups in 24 hrs
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Jordan said, “This is about a message that it's important to be able to take care of your health, address your health in many ways, no matter what age you are, the benefits are something that can not only help you, but allows you to be able to provide guidance and inspire others as well.”

There was a previous world record attempt to beat the Pull-up record by Mike McCastle, 27, of Coupeville, Washington. He attempted to break the same record that Jordan was attempting here in July but stopped about 800 repetitions short when muscles in his arm started to tear and capillaries began to rupture. He was hospitalized thereafter but said the sailor intended to try to break the record again and raise money for the Wounded Warriors Project.

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