20 Bodybuilder Transformations who went from Nothing to EVERYTHING


Bodybuilding is a sport the requires not only the right mental attitude and gifted genetics, but it also Requires hard work, as in many other sports. Bodybuilding is the sport where everyone is either trying to get very Big and Muscular or Transform their bodies to become as aesthetically eye-pleasing as possible. Symmetry, defined and vascularity are all huge factors that bodybuilders look at when building their muscles and their bodies to their liking.

Unfortunately for many people, becoming a bodybuilder isn't part of their lives nor their schedules or goals – But for some, they have made it their Primary focus and goal in life and have put in hours and dedication (amongst other things) in order to achieve their Dreams bodies.

Some do it for the Attention from the opposite sex, others do it to catapult their careers into Stardom (Arnold is someone who comes to mind) and others do it for the money and all the benefits that come from being a abnormally large and muscular human.

Whatever the reason behind any bodybuilders motivation may be, we can all agree that it takes Hard work, Dedication and perseverance to achieve the results you'll see below.

We are fully aware that some of the men you'll see in these Transformation pictures below have used all sorts of “Substances” and hormones in order to get to bodies of their dreams, but simply injecting yourself with Steroids or Growth hormone will not Magically make you Muscular or Bulging with muscles – and No Dave Paulumbo, CBD and Kratom won't help you get bigger regardless what your videos say!.

These men still had to put in long hours in the gym in order to achieve their results. We don't write off anyone who have transformed their bodies into what they wanted them to look like, because at the end of the day, the great debate isn't what types of substances they used or are using, but how much Time, Effort, Discipline and Sacrifices they have put in to achieving their Dream Physiques and bodies.

1. – Branch Warren


2. – Dennis Wolf


3. – Dexter Jackson


4. – Dorian Yates


5. – Evan Centopani


6. – Flex Wheeler


7. – Franco Columbu


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8.- Jay Cutler


9. – Jeff Seid


10.- Kai Greene


11. – Kevin Levrone


Kevin is Said to be on his way to dethroning Phil Heath, according to Liftn.com, but no one is holding their breathe for this one.

12. – Lee Priest


13. – Lou Ferrigno


14. – Phil Heath


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15. – Ronnie Coleman


16.- Shawn Rhoden


17. – Steve Reeves


18. – Tom Platz


19. – Arnold Schwarzenegger


20. – Aziz Sergeyevich


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