18 Funny Sports Clips and Images that’ll leave you Laughing!

Funny Sports Clips and Bloopers

Failures in life come often for many of us, as we're always making mistakes and learning from them. Well, if you think Professional athletes are perfect, well they aren't either. Although their teams pay them to be high caliber athletes, as we've shown in previous articles with some of their top plays, this doesn't always work. Mistakes are made and unintentional results are the outcome, in which many times they are funny. We are scoured the interweb to find some of the greatest moments and images that have been captured on tape or camera that have made the rounds within blooper reels and funniest videos montages. Have a look for yourself and share with your friends! Submit bloopers/images that we've missed in the comments and we'll add them as they come in!

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Smooth Ref misses the Handshake.

This is one smooth Ref when he misses the Handshake. Catches himself mid-way and slicks his hair back. Smooth-Criminal we say.


Following the Ref or Staying Warm? You decide.

This is surely one way to support your Team. Follow the linesman up and down the pitch in order to see if he's making the right calls. Either that, or they're trying to stay warm considering all the snow that is on the sides of the pitch.


 Alonzo Mourning in Deep thought comes to a Conclusion!

Looks like Alonzo Mourning was thinking about who knows what when he, perhaps came to the right conclusion….. or Did he? Judge for yourself

Someone came to a conclusion


Rafael Benítez Perfect Hand Gesture

Rafael Benitez is at it again. Not only is he one of the Top managers in Soccer right now, but he also has a way of introducing himself on TV with this smooth slide of the hand (Perfectly Timed if we might add).
Rafa Benitez with the perfectly timed intro

 Ready, Set, GO! Just Kidding

Professional athletes are dialed in, very alert and ready to play at a moments notice. Many of them are in their own world when playing or focusing on the opponent. Sometimes its good to take a step back and not completely entrench yourself in the opposition.

Jump start scared him!


Was that for Me?

As in the previous Clip, sometimes your so caught up in the moment that you don't even know what you should be doing, let alone what position you play?

What position DO you play?


I'm just going to crawl into this Hole

When your team is about to lose a big game and your the goal keeper that could've made the difference, sometimes its good to just crawl into a hole…… Or your Jacket will do too.

Better crawl into your jacket when your team is about to lose

I'm sure if I should be Motivated or Scared?

Coaches and manages have some odd tactics to get their team hyped up for a Game. Sometimes, these tactics or motivators can come off as slightly odd, or maybe even scary? You tell us.

Manager with ugly face cheering on his team


“High-Five man….. Errr…”

Giving a teammate a High-Five should be easy. Nevertheless, some people still have a hard time.

High Five FAIL


 Fans are always comparing Leo Messi & Ronaldo

These 2 soccer players are arguably the Best 2 soccer players on the planet right now. They are both listed in the Top 10 Highest Paid Players in the World and are fierce rivals considering they play in clubs that play against each throughout the Year several times. Thus, nevertheless, their respective fan-base are very supportive of their favorite player and many times come up with great memes and infograph's that are usually not creative. However, this one caught our eye and thought it was rather funny. We love both these players and support both of them – so no choosing sides for us.

the endless debate between Messi and Ronaldo


Perfectly Timed Pictures, #1…..

Rooney enjoying a Perfectly timed Picture.

Perfectly timed picture of Rooney

Just because I get paid Millions doesn't mean I know how to put a Hat on !!!

Life is Rough a Professional Athlete sometimes, as you can see it takes a Toll on people.

Hat gives this Pro a run for his money

Ronaldo scared of what he just Saw

Many times its better to get far, far away from things that you are not accustomed to seeing. Welcome to the big Leagues boys.

Ronaldo stunned of Bulge he see's in team-mates pants

Perfect timed Pictures, #2…..

This doesn't look as bad as it seems… Or does it? You be the judge.

Tevez awkward position trying to get the ball from Behind Rio

This isn't Practice Anymore SON!

We have all been in a state of mind that has you in a Different place, Different country or different time. Well for this young player, he forgot that he was in a Real game and not in Practice still. He'll get it in the locker room.

Player throws ball to his Coach instead of wide receiver

Sports Fan doesn't know what to Think?

Sometimes your team does some very Odd or outright Stupid. I'm sure many of you know what we're talking about and have made the same gestures this young man did.

Are you being serious right now? Fan Says

Wait for it… Wait for ittttttt….

I'm sure everyone is starring at the same place. This is perfect Placement!

Perfect placement of name coming out of Butt

Last but not least, Coach shows them were NOT to kick the Ball!

When your taking a Penalty kick to Seal the win for your team, Don't kick it to outer space, because not only will your Teammates hound you, Your coach will too! We call this the “Fly Ball in Soccer”.

There is a fly ball in Soccer too you know



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