15 Hot Soccer Players Who are Blazing Up The Pitch

With over three billion fans around the globe, the sport of football (or soccer, as it is known in the United States) is far and away the most popular sport in the world today.

From small local leagues to national clubs competing in the World Cup, the world’s passion for futbol spans age, gender, language, and nationality. But that passion is driven by more than just putting up goals on a scoreboard.

Even if your own team isn’t playing, there is still plenty to hold your attention, including an abundance of handsome and sculpted young athletes, many of whom double as Fashion Models in their off-time.

It seems there is something about the rigorous training and countless hours spent running the field that make these men some of the most talented and Best admired Sex Symbols of their time.

Figures like David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo are as well known around the world for their cover shoots as for their shots on goal. And, lucky for us, it seems that oftentimes the very best players on the pitch are also some of the best looking.

From all over the world, here are fifteen of our favorite Soccer Players who are Handsome and have stood out among the crowds for their looks.

Givanildo Viera deSouza (a.k.a Hulk)

hottest soccer players hulk
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hottest and sexiest soccer players
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The twenty nine year old forward known as Hulk plays for Zenit Saint Petersburg, as well as the Brazilian national team. This muscle bound powerhouse is a seasoned veteran who continues to amaze viewers with his goal scoring as well as his rock hard abs. Hulk not only plays for Zenit, but has also made numerous caps for the Brazilian National Team, starring in the most recent 2014 World Cup, as all as playing in the Olympics as well.

 Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos Hot Soccer Players
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A defender for Real Madrid, this 28 year old Spanish powerhouse is a bullfighter when he’s not busy dominating opposing offenses, as well as being a model for Hugo Boss. He currently holds the record for most red cards received by a Real Madrid player. But with a face like that, who could ever kick him out? Ramos is Dating Pilar Rubio Fernandez and has quite the reputation for being very aggressive on the field, especially when competing against Rival teams such as FC Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid.

Kostas Katsouranis

Hot Soccer Players Kostas
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Kostas is a versatile player, a defensive midfielder with a special aptitude for making goals for his Greek team Atromitos F.C. Built like a greek god, he definitely scores with us!

Tim Howard

Hot Soccer Players Tim Howard
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Goalie for the US National team in the 2014 world cup, Tim turned heads as easily as he turned away goals.

And apparently he is as tough as he is handsome; in 2011 he broke two bones in his back during an FA cup game, yet played through it until the end of the game.

According to Style Within Reach, He's even has had deals for Goalie Gloves from Major soccer brands as well!

Tim also sports a ridiculous amount of tattoos across his body and even participated in the PETA “Ink, Not Mink” campaign against Animal Fur being used for clothing, etc.

Lionel Messi

Hot Soccer Players Leo Messi
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FC Barcelona’s Lionel Messi is one of the most impressive stars in soccer today, and highly regarded as the best Soccer player in history. He led his 2014 Argentinean national team to the World Cup final, and also received the Golden Ball award for being the best player in the tournament. Where’s the award for also being one of the handsomest? Messi also has won the Ballon d'Or an astonishing 4 times, to beat out everyone on this list!

Radamel Falcao

hot soccer players ramadel falcao
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Hot Soccer Players Radamel Falcao Garcia
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Columbian national Radamel Falcao is one of the most fun players to watch on or off the field right now. Falcao, known for being one of the world’s best strikers, was also named the “Sexiest Footballer Alive” by Glamour magazine. His nickname is El Tigre, Spanish for “the tiger.” Rawr!

Cristiano Ronaldo

hot soccer players cristiano ronaldo
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Irina Sharyk Picture 3 w/ Ronaldo

Named after former U.S. President, Ronald Reagan, 29 year old forward Cristiano Ronaldo is argued to be the best player currently in the game. He’s also one of the Most Attractive Soccer Players to Grace the pitch as well.. We’re not the only ones to notice, however; he was dating international supermodel Irina Shayk up until the Beginning of 2015, when they mutually split on went their own ways.

Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior

Hot Soccer Players Neymar Jr.
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Hot Soccer Players Neymar Jr.
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F.C. Barcelona’s star forward, Neymar won the award for South American Footballer of the Year at only nineteen years old. He is widely respected for his his virtuoso dribbling skills and impeccable footwork, seconded only by his charming smile and flawless abs. This past year won him a new kind of award: an appearance on the cover of Vogue Magazine alongside supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

 Graham Zusi

Hot Soccer Players Graham zusi
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Rated hunkiest World Cup star by ABC News viewers, Graham Zusi is a 27 year old dynamo playing for Sporting Kansas City. He studied criminology in school, and might have joined the CIA if soccer hadn’t stolen him away. We could easily imagine him as the sexy spy type; but he is far more fun to watch on the soccer field.

Ricardo Kaká

Hot Soccer Players Ricardo Kaka
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Hot Soccer Players kaka
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Kaká is a Brazillian player, currently acting as attacking midfielder for Orlando City. His dark features and adorable baby face make him stand out on as well as off the field. Likewise his accomplishments don’t end on the pitch; in 2004 he served as an ambassador to the UN’s World Food Program, and for his humanitarian work was listed as one of Time magazine’s most influential people in 2008 and 2009.

Gerard Pique

hot soccer players gerard pique haircuts
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hot soccer players gerard pique haircuts
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Gerard Pique is well known as an unstoppable defender as well as being the face of Mango’s menswear line. The 6’4” Spaniard is gorgeous, stylish, charming, and talented, but don’t take our work for it – just ask his famously not-lying girlfriend, Columbian pop star Shakira.

 Olivier Giroud

Hot Soccer Players Olivier Giroud haircuts
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Hot Soccer Players Olivier Giroud haircuts
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Playfully referred to as the “French Beckham”, Oliver Giroud plays as a star striker for Arsenal, as well as for the French national team. He’s not only known for his moves on the field however – his dashing good looks and impeccable style are just as striking.

 Alexis Sanchez

hot soccer players alexis sanchez haircuts
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hot soccer players alexis sanchez haircuts
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World renowned for his charming smile and fierce on the field presence, Sanchez is a forward from Barcelona, who plays on the Chilean national team. His 2011 transfer for over 38 million dollars was the most expensive trade in Chilean football history; to us, however, he’s priceless.

Xabi Alonso

hot soccer players Xabi Alonso haircuts
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hot soccer players Xabi Alonso haircuts
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hot soccer players Xabi Alonso haircuts
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Known for his killer abs and chiseled facial structure, midfielder Xabi Alonso has been a model for Hugo Boss and for Spanish designer Emidio Tucci. He also boasts more than eight million twitter followers. With a body like that, we’re hardly surprised. We would follow him anywhere.

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